Romanian Quotes about Words and Communication

Nowadays, quotes are more popular than ever. Some of them are have a huge success, because they manage to contain in just a few words an idea that can reach to the heart of many readers.

Usually, we don’t think about quotes as cultural vehicles. But this is what they really are. By means of translation, they travel the world, carrying with them not just the idea of one author or another, but a part of his culture as well.

This is what Intercogito intends to do, a project that aims to promote the Romanian culture around the world, by introducing 1000 classic Romanian quotes, translated in 5 different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Here it is a selection of great Romanian quotes about words and communication:

An infant gurgling silences a chorus of empty words, no matter how clever! (Carmen Sylva)

When you cannot find the word, be sure that the thought is not clear yet. (Nicolae Iorga)

A word full of love is worth so much, yet it costs so little. (Nicolae Iorga)

In vain you speak to someone who does not want to listen. (Mihai Eminescu)

Often the harshest word contains the best lesson. (Nicolae Iorga)

Nothing is easier than to speak knowledgeably without saying anything. (Titu Maiorescu)

Be sure that, if wisdom is on everybody’s lips, it is only in the minds of a few; listen to those. (Nicolae Iorga)

A coquette, sure of her charms, speaks well of all women, for thus she finds a new way to make herself liked and attractive. (Iulia Hasdeu)

The greatest orator is the one who says less and suggests more. (Nicolae Iorga)

The word is magical; a person speaks every word with a different heart. (Paul Zarifopol)

A kind word, a smile and a good deed are rays of sun falling on the soul. (Nicolae Iorga)

Some talk about what they know; others know how to talk. (Cilibi Moise)

Rarely is the man of words a man of his word. (Nicolae Iorga)

People communicate through conventional signs, and thus they have created the vain illusion that they understand each other. In reality, each assigns to the other what he himself feels, and that’s that. (Liviu Rebreanu)

Empty words – clouds that pass by without leaving any rain. (Nicolae Iorga)

God, however, does not stop at a man’s words, but sees his hidden thoughts. (Ioan Slavici)

Always before parting from someone you hold dear you fail to find your words, precisely because you have so much to say. (Anton Holban)

Death speaks more eloquently than any fine words. (Liviu Rebreanu)

In the moment in which it takes shape, the conviction or the feeling always find powerful words. (Nicolae Iorga)

Translations by Andreea Florescu for Intercogito

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