Omnilexica’s Word of the Year 2017 is Absorbance

As each year draws to a close, Omnilexica releases its Word of the Year and its Top 10. This is based upon the usage or the number of searches. This list reveals certain words that have impacted on each of us in one way or the other, throughout the year.

Omnilexica’s Word of the Year 2017 is… absorbance.

Tell you what! – Absorbance made it to the top of the list this year! Ever been struck by the thought that a lot of persons must have searched for this word in 2017? Well, maybe yes or maybe no! Yet it is well represented in almost all walks of life.

This word can be defined as a measure of the amount of light or other electromagnetic radiation that is absorbed when passing through a substance. It is a physical property, yet it finds itself thriving in so many fields of life ranging from medicine, chemistry, biology etc.

Having this technical term top the list, merely shows that technology has undauntedly become a part of our day to day life. Technology has invariably made a lot of fascinating changes in our daily lives, so it is no strange thing that people keep searching for these technical terms. Many people are beginning to search for these terms so as to understand and get more involved in technological trends in our world today.

Here it is the rest of the Top 10:

2. agreeableness, noun

The word agreeableness is often associated with an individual’s personality trait in psychology. It reveals the differences in individual response to cooperation and harmony. Agreeableness is defined as pleasantness resulting from agreeable conditions or a temperamental disposition to be agreeable.

With so many crises arising in our world today, the upsurge in the search for this word shows people’s level of awareness, coupled with their desire to pinpoint the possible causes of chaos in their society. It all boils down to individual differences!

But it doesn’t end there – Consequently, when people get to understand this term fully they could get to restructure their response to others and their society at large or otherwise learn to opt for peaceful co-existence.

3. adoptive, adjective

To an overwhelming majority, it projects the most basic sense of it, which has to do with adoption (related to parents and children). However, there is more to the word than babies. That is why the word has made it to the top 10 this year.

It has to do with anything that can be acquired by one’s own free choice which could range from abstract to concrete, take for instance an adoptive country, a policy, to even certain cells or organs in medicine.

4. abolitionist, noun / adjective

The idea about abolitionist most often circles around that historical path down the road to the end of slavery. However today, it has found itself a more general meaning, which is practical and narrowed down the path of a person who favors the abolition of any institution.

The rise in the search for this word only means one thing – people are interested about the fight for their rights and also the need to abolish any institution that they feel is probably unlawful or outdated.

5. loose, adjective / adverb / noun / verb

Most often misspelt or used wrongly in place of lose. Little wonder the search for this word rose above other years this year. Well, this only shows that people are becoming more careful with their usage of words.

Interestingly, the word is quite loose and comes with a pretty loose meaning. It most probably hangs a meaning around the various parts of speech. Hence the need for a dictionary meaning to clear up the air!.

6. accustomed, adjective

This word holds the meaning of becoming familiar through use; inured to; adapted to existing conditions. One could get accustomed to so many things including practices in the society, a particular lifestyle or a thing, hard work etc.

7. subsidise, verb

This word is applicable in many fields in our world today, ranging from politics to finance, economics etc. In many countries, the government subsidises some activities it wants to promote each year. To subsidise means to support through subsidies and these subsidies could be in form of cash grants or loans from a particular government to its citizens.

8. power hammer, noun

It’s a mechanical device that serves as a forging hammer. It uses a non-muscular power source to raise its hammer apparatus and accelerates it onto whatever metal piece that is being hammered. It is widely associated with mining and weaponry; used by blacksmiths, and all kinds of metal workers.

Power hammer also thrives in the gaming industry as it is one weapon present in “The Star Wars Galaxies” video game series. With the advancement in the gaming industry each year and a corresponding tremendous increase in the number of gamers. It’s no surprise that this word made it to our list this year.

9. altruistic, adjective

Altruistic holds a definition that affects our encounter with others on a daily basis. The search for this word shows that people are no strangers to the level of cruelty and selfishness that thrives in our society today.

10. ambulation, noun

Ambulation looks like a big word yet has an unbelievably simple meaning. Sorry to burst your little bubble it only means walking about.

However, the upsurge in the search for this word in the past year could mean one thing – we are gradually heading into an era where we would get to hear a lot of sesquipedalian speeches.

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