Omnilexica’s Word of the Year 2015 is Salad Bowl

What word people have searched in our database the most? So folks this is the start of year 2016 and it’s about time for us to answer this question. Considering the queries users have entered in the search box of, we have selected “salad bowl” as the Word of the Year 2015 – although it is not a word but a phrase.

Some of you may be thinking that at on what criteria we’ve crowned “salad bowl” as the Word of the Year. Well, here at Omnilexica we do look at a couple of factors before reaching at a decision:

  1. Number of queries throughout the year
  2. Message that a word or a phrase is sending

Therefore for a word to qualify as Omnilexica’s Word of the Year, not only a word should have a high number of queries, but it should also send out an influential and positive message.

“Salad bowl” passed both of the above tests with flying colors. It was highly searched in our database and it also sent a positive message about healthy eating habits.

In year 2015 we have seen a large number of people adding healthy foods to their menu. To have a better understanding of food related terms, people turn to internet. As an encyclopedic dictionary of 63,60,000 terms, Omnilexica is a huge source of information for people who want to enrich their vocabulary. We are proud that Omnilexica helps people learn and make informed and educated decisions.

It’s time to introduce you more to our Word of the Year 2015. “Salad bowl” generally means “a plate or bowl for individual servings of salad” or “a large bowl for mixing and serving a salad”. Two simple words – “salad” and “bowl” gave birth to this unique phrase that refers to the bowls only reserved for mixing or serving of salad. Interestingly “salad bowl” was also kind of Super Bowl of college football teams back in 1947 to 1955. American college teams played football at Montgomery Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona and the game was called “Salad Bow” – cool.

We also arranged a list of top ten words that topped user queries:

2. bilocal, adjective

“Bilocal” is the second word in our list of top ten. It means “a situation in which a married couple alternate their residence between that of the wife’s and husband’s group”.

With the ups and downs of economy, it’s really hard for couples, especially the young families to find a home that is good and affordable. The queries of this term may be fueled by this factor.

3. at some point, prepositional phrase

Well people, at some point life may take surprising turns. Ranking a 3rd position is the phrase, “at some point”, meaning “at an indefinite time in the future”. It is not predictable as why this phrase has a high amount of searches, but it was highly searched, making it 3rd most searched phrase in our database.

Maybe at some point we may come to know as what made this phrase so popular.

4. boarding card, noun

Boarding card means “a pass that allows you to board a ship or plane”. If you travel a lot you may be familiar with this word. For the people travelling via plane for the first time, this is a new word.

Ranking of “boarding card” at position number 4 tells that a high number of people are going to travel for the very first time through a plane. Well it also tells that more and more people are preferring to travel by airplanes.

5. civil government, noun

“Civil government” stands at number five in our list of top ten words. It shows how keen people were interested in politics and learning about how governments work.

6. agitation, noun

Standing at 6th position is the word “agitation”, meaning “a mental state of extreme emotional disturbance”. Sadly, the pace at which our lives are moving is just way too fast for some people and they are unable to cope with it, hence “agitated”. On the contrary, high search volume of this word also sends out a message that people want to understand the causes of their emotional disturbance.

7. bind, verb / noun

“Bind” is the simplest word that was able to make its way into our top ten words. Although it is a simple word, but people that are not a native may confuse it with other similar words like “bond” or “bound”. Hence confusion may be a reason for high number of queries which got it ranked at 7th position.

8. acumen, noun

Ranked at number 8 in our list of top ten words, “acumen” means “a tapering point” or “shrewdness shown by keen insight”.

“Acumen” is a nice addition to vocabulary. People searching for “acumen” most probably wanted to enrich their vocabulary with a powerful word.

9. forecastle, noun

Position 9 is grabbed by “forecastle”. It is described as “living quarters consisting of a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed”.

Search of forecastle seems to be coming from the ship or yacht lovers. Way to go Captains – your favorite word has made it to the 9th position in our list.

10. leaf insect, noun

“Leaf insect” remained at position number 10 for the most searched terms. Leaf insect is a leaf-like amazing little creature from Southern Asia and East Indies. This creature has flattened leaf like body which it uses as a defense mechanism to avoid predators, hence given the name “leaf insect”.

The search about this word seems to convey a message about the users interested in science and nature.

Here we are at the end of our list. We’ve waited a lot to announce these words and finally they are all in front of you. Keep your vocabulary up to date with Omnilexica and keep searching for your word and phrases. Who knows your word may top this list next year.

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