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When the Omnilexica project started, it was meant to be an online easy-to-use application: you, the user, make a simple request and the proper page shows up. But we live in a complex world and not all things are so simple. Omnilexica is growing and we have some not so obvious features to share with you. This is the first reason why the Omnilexica Blog is opened today.

If you have a website or if you are a web developer interested in dictionaries, we suggest you to subscribe to this blog, because we are working on many features that will allow Omnilexica to provide content to other websites in easy ways. Here you’ll find not only news about the development, but also the documentation needed to test and to put in practice interesting ideas.

Also, the English language provides many interesting topics, from old grammar to new evolutions. We plan to write about some from time to time, because not everything that can be said about a language fits on dictionary pages, even if it is a large one like Omnilexica.

So we hope to have you along in our journey. Please subscribe and be sure we’ll smile! 🙂

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