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4 Fantastic Tips for Learning Any Language

Did you know that 43% of people in the world speak two languages? Fewer people (40% of the world’s population) only speak one language.

This is one of those times when following the crowd is actually a good thing.

Are you ready to join the majority? Here are a few tips you can use for learning any language.

1. Find Your Motivation

Learning a language takes a lot of work.

You have to immerse yourself in the language in order to grasp it quickly. It’s actually far better to spend a couple of weeks intensely studying than an hour a day for several months.

However, you won’t be able to be intense about it if you don’t have a strong motivation. Do you want to be able to travel through the country that speaks your target language? Plan a trip as a reward and put up a photo where you’ll see it every day as a reminder.

Or maybe you want to be able to delve into a new culture and learn from the natives in their own language. Perhaps something as simple as an inspirational quote about wordsis enough to fuel your passion.

Whatever your motivation is, find it and find a way to always keep it in front of you.

2. Embrace Feeling Stupid

This might sound like a strange tip for learning a language, but hear us out. As a language learner, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. You’ll say things wrong, and sometimes use words that don’t mean what you think they mean.

You may feel silly or downright stupid when you get it wrong. But don’t worry, you’re your biggest critic. No one else thinks you’re stupid. You’re actually brilliant for even making the effort.

3. Learn How to Learn

Learning how to learn is a whole art form in itself. The field is so intense that you can even study it at the Master’s level. For instance, a Master of Education, Learning, Cognition, and Development from Rutgers Online (RU MELCD).

As far as learning a new language goes, figure out how you learn best and use those techniques in your study. Are you more visual? Pictures associated with words may work better for you. Is music your forte? Try listening to songs in your target language.

4. Immerse Yourself

Going to a place where the people speak your target language is the best way to immerse yourself in a language.

But what if you can’t do that?

You can still find ways to immerse yourself at home. Watch movies or listen to music in your target language. You can even just have that going on in the background as you go about your day.

As you improve, read books or the news in your target language. Get creative and you can immerse yourself in a new language from the comfort of your own home.

Learning Any Language Is Possible

With dedication and hard work, learning any language is possible. Set yourself up for success with realistic expectations and these tips that we’ve outlined here.

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Omnilexica’s Word of the Year 2017 is Absorbance

As each year draws to a close, Omnilexica releases its Word of the Year and its Top 10. This is based upon the usage or the number of searches. This list reveals certain words that have impacted on each of us in one way or the other, throughout the year.

Omnilexica’s Word of the Year 2017 is… absorbance.

Tell you what! – Absorbance made it to the top of the list this year! Ever been struck by the thought that a lot of persons must have searched for this word in 2017? Well, maybe yes or maybe no! Yet it is well represented in almost all walks of life.

This word can be defined as a measure of the amount of light or other electromagnetic radiation that is absorbed when passing through a substance. It is a physical property, yet it finds itself thriving in so many fields of life ranging from medicine, chemistry, biology etc.

Having this technical term top the list, merely shows that technology has undauntedly become a part of our day to day life. Technology has invariably made a lot of fascinating changes in our daily lives, so it is no strange thing that people keep searching for these technical terms. Many people are beginning to search for these terms so as to understand and get more involved in technological trends in our world today.
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Omnilexica’s Word of the Year 2016 is Ethnocentrism

Omnilexica’s Word of the Year 2016 selection has brought some very interesting insights and we would like to share it with you. was busy all 365 days of the year. People from all parts of the world visited the online dictionary to find the meanings of words that they didn’t know.

We have looked back to find out the Word of the Year for 2016 and have come up with the Top Ten terms that were most searched by users all though the year.

The word that tops’ the list is “ethnocentrism“, which has become very relevant in today’s context, when the world is in turmoil with ethnicity becoming a byword for inter-racial disharmony. This word can be defined as the belief in the intrinsic superiority of culture, nation or group to which a specific person belongs. It is usually associated by feelings of dislike for the other groups.

It is a good thing that people are searching for this word. It indicates that more people become aware of this prejudice. They realize that other cultures have their own unique practices and views. As a result, they would tend to accept the views of people who belong to different cultures. This would lead towards cultural harmony and world peace in the long run.
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Omnilexica’s Word of the Year 2015 is Salad Bowl

What word people have searched in our database the most? So folks this is the start of year 2016 and it’s about time for us to answer this question. Considering the queries users have entered in the search box of, we have selected “salad bowl” as the Word of the Year 2015 – although it is not a word but a phrase.

Some of you may be thinking that at on what criteria we’ve crowned “salad bowl” as the Word of the Year. Well, here at Omnilexica we do look at a couple of factors before reaching at a decision:

  1. Number of queries throughout the year
  2. Message that a word or a phrase is sending

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Omnilexica as oEmbed provider

Omnilexica provides a huge amount of lexical and encyclopedic content in a unified form. The most prominent feature is that it defines almost every word, expression, name, or title you can find in an English text.

There are many cases when you may want to include a definition in an article or web application, so Omnilexica makes this easier by becoming an oEmbed provider. From what we can find, Omnilexica is the first oEmbed provider for a dictionary – even more, an encyclopedic one!
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Improve your vocabulary on the Start Screen

One of the features introduced by Windows 8 in 2012 and improved by Windows 8.1 in 2013 is the Start Screen – the front-end interface that shows up immediately after the user logs in the operating system and allows to quickly start the most important applications. The Start Screen is full of tiles and many of them show dynamic content. In some cases, this is really useful, not just some fancy stuff.

The Internet became a vital part of computing. In essence, a website is an online application, so it isn’t a surprise that it’s possible for a website to be pinned to the Start Screen. The website can also provide dynamic content for the tile, making it more than just a simple shortcut to the home page.

This is precisely what does. When it is pinned to the Start Screen, it provides for the tile random definitions of not so common words and expressions. This content is rotated and automatically updated. If you drag the tile in a visible spot, you’ll see it from time to time, so in that way you’ll improve your vocabulary.
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Omnilexica Blog

When the Omnilexica project started, it was meant to be an online easy-to-use application: you, the user, make a simple request and the proper page shows up. But we live in a complex world and not all things are so simple. Omnilexica is growing and we have some not so obvious features to share with you. This is the first reason why the Omnilexica Blog is opened today.
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